The Comics: 2009


decembrrrrr by upsidedown cat

bus, wreath, civil war by refgoddess

train, Vietnamese grocery store, DINNER!, by S.

Cookies, Cowboy Boots, and Car Song, by abrassea


fracture by refgoddess

novemberr by upsidedown cat

Catching up with Zack, Omelettes, and Dog Exercise, by abrassea


In Which Sanguinity Is Shallow, by Sanguinity

homework, by upsidedown cat

Dog Clothes, Dethalbum II, and Sesame Street on Youtube, by abrassea


Three on the... One on the... Hey, Look, Comics!, by Sanguinity

these are portland times, by upsidedown cat

I Miss the Bus, Dishwashing Takes A Lot of Mental Real Estate, Motion Detectors, by grrlpup

A Joke, Serious Time, and Things I Always Say in the Car, by abrassea

sprained facebook keys, by refgoddess


august where did you go?, by upsidedown cat

dealing with loss, by refgoddess

03.08.09 by arissa

Morning Rumble, Ready to Ride, and Getting Ice Cream, by abrassea


beating the heat, by refgoddess

5 on the 4th, by upsidedown cat

Free-Range Eggs before a Bike Trip, by S.

Ones, A Drifting Life, and Technically the 4th of July, by abrassea

comics, by EvanNichols


Long Day, by Lindsey

june, by upsidedown cat

Doubles Are Only Good In Yahtzee by refgoddess

Laptop Problems, Another Hot Day, and Taking Out the Trash, by abrassea

stupid okc date by S.

comics, by EvanNichols


Teaching, Patience, by Sanguinity

Make It Work and Java Jive, by grrlpup

Graffiti / Estate Sale, by Lindsey

may, finally, by Upsidedown Cat

Let's Go, Yard Work, and Bed Time, by abrassea

Sundays Rock! by refgoddess

just right, too much, not enough, by hhwlib

Parking Tickets, Planes, Ping Pong, by S.

comics, by EvanNichols


wandering around Bandon, by refgoddess

Caffeine, Unicorns, and NO INTERNET, by Sanguinity

whut whut whuuut, by Lindsey

avril, by upsidedown cat

Video Game Addict, Powerpuff DVD, and Quick Dinner, by abrassea

It does, Jerry, by S.


Mars, by Upsidedown Cat

Bravery, repitition & noise, by Patrick

Close Enough, Out with the Old, and Scheduling Conflict, by abrassea

pencilled comix, by refgoddess


Feb 3 on the 3rd, by S.

Randomness by refgoddess

Library Books by upsidedown cat

Morning, noon & night by Patrick

Free Grand Slam, RPM Challenge Day 3, and No TV, by abrassea


January 2009 Three on the Third by grrlpup

Burning the Candle from Both Ends, Crabbing, Hourglass by Sanguinity

2009 by Upsidedown Cat

Helping Sara Move, Lazy Saturday, and Falling Asleep in Front of the TV by abrassea

hook, line & sinker by Patrick

comics, by EvanNichols

comix by refgoddess

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