What is Three on the Third?

How do I do Three on the Third?

  1. Make three comics about things that happen to you on the third day of the month.
  2. Optional: Upload your comics to your photo-host and add the link to our monthly round-up.
  3. You're done! Yay!

If you need help with the details — how to make comics, or how to upload and post them — try the How To pages. (Or if you have how-to advice, please add it!)

Why would I want to do this?

Journal comics encourage us to

  • hone our anecdotal delivery skills (become better storytellers),
  • pay attention to the small interesting things that happen in our daily lives,
  • make interesting things happen so we'll have something to write about, and
  • record the mundane details of the present for a time when they will no longer be mundane, but remarkable.

Imagine if your grandfather had scribbled out some journal comics when he was your age. Even if they were lousy, they'd still be an absolutely amazing record of life in the past. Now imagine finding your own journal comics, 25 years from now: won't that be awesome?

And if that's not enough motivation: all the cool kids are doin' it.

Do I have to draw them on the 3rd?

No. Your comics should be about things that happened on the 3rd. If you can actually finish drawing them on the 3rd, while the events are still fresh in your mind, all the better. But if you don't have time, you can do them on the 4th, or the 5th, or…. However, the farther you get from the 3rd, the less likely you are to actually finish your comics.

How many times do I have to do this?

As many times as you want to. However, many participants find sharing their comics (and reading each other's) to be sort of addictive. It's like a holiday that happens every month!

My life is too boring to make comics about.

3 on the 3rd is supposed to record ordinary events, not tell amazing stories. If something amazing happens to you on the 3rd, bonus! But you might be surprised at the mileage you can get out of a run-of-the-mill day. Look at some of our comics for inspiration!

That sounds great, but I'm no artist.

Neither are most of us. Check out the How To page for tips on stick-figure art, photocomics, and more.

That sounds great, but I'm no comedian.

Journal comics don't have to be funny! They can be silly, sad, insightful, or just plain tell it like it was.

What's a journal comic?

Journal comics are words and pictures about your life, as written/drawn/rendered by you.

Do the events recorded in a journal comic have to be true? How true?

From the beginning, the intent of Three on the Third has been to tell tiny true stories. Having said that, we are not going to be your Non-Fiction Police Officers. Sometimes a story works better when it's streamlined or embellished. Ultimately, Three on the Third is a self-monitoring project: you create what you believe meets the described goals, share as much of it as you feel like, and decide for yourself if you've succeeded.

So I can make my comic about anything I want, as long as it happened to me on the 3rd?

Absolutely! However, if your comics are inappropriate for kids or sensitive readers, please make a note to that effect when you post your link on the comics page.

This is too hard!

If 3 on the 3rd is unpleasantly difficult, you're doing it wrong. Lower your standards! Draw yourself as a stick figure or a triangle or a large dot. Or don't draw yourself at all. We have lots of suggestions.

3 on the 3rd is designed to fit in with your regular life, more or less, not become a huge project that takes ages to finish. We recommend you keep things simple enough that you don't have to work on it for days. Unless you want a project that lasts for days. We're sort of assuming you have a life here.

This is too easy!

Many participants add restrictions to make 3 on the 3rd more challenging. Optional restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • finish your comics by the end of the 3rd
  • upload your comics by the end of the 3rd
  • use only one draft, no corrections
  • use color
  • use humor
  • use multiple frames
  • change up your style
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