How to: Get an Image Host

Unfortunately, Three on the Third can't host your comics for you: we don't have enough file-storage space to offer that for everyone. Sorry.

But there are other options! If your favorite suggestion isn't included yet, please feel free to add it. (See the sidebar for help on how to edit a wiki.)


Quick and easy: free accounts give you a 200-photo limit, plus a per-month upload limit (which, at three comics a month, you're unlikely to run into). Additionally, Wikidot has some nice Flickr-specific features in its code.

Posting Single Images from Flickr

[[image flickr:2237263082 size="small"]]


All possible sizes:

  • "square" (75 x 75 pixels)
  • "thumbnail" (100 on longest side)
  • "small" (240 on longest side)
  • "medium" (500 on longest side)
  • "large" (1024 on longest side, only for Flickr large images)
  • "original"

For more attributes, see the images syntax.

Flickr Gallery module

Even nicer, the Flickr Gallery module lets you auto-import galleries of your comics.


See How to Prettify Your Profile Page for directions for making a Flickr gallery.

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