How to: Make Photocomics
EvanNichols, June 2008
EvanNichols, June 2008
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Source Images

Got a digital camera? Web cam? Great!

You can also use found images, such as public domain or Creative Commons images. (Remember, if you use Creative Commons images, check the license to see if it's a "share-alike" license, so that you can properly license your finished comic.)


(This list is still very short — if you've got a software suggestion, please add it to the list.)

Microsoft Paint
Bundled with most Windows platforms; adds shapes and text to photos.
Free, open source, full-featured photo editing program. May be a lot more power than you need or want.
Comic Life
Bundled with many Mac machines, but also available for Windows. Does comic-book style layouts, speech bubbles, captions, and basic image filters.
Sanguinity, Hourly Comics Day 2008
Made with Comic Life
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