How to: Prettify Your Profile Page

Wanna know how someone did that cool thing on their profile page? Wanna share that cool thing you did on yours? Here's the place.

But first, because there can never be too many links to the wiki syntax description:

Add Galleries of Your Comics

First, your comics have to be hosted on the web somewhere — Three on the Third can't host everyone's comics here, sorry. See How To Get an Image Host if you need help with that.

Flickr Auto-Gallery

If your comics are hosted at Flickr, it's pretty straightforward. To build your own gallery:

  1. Upload your comics to Flickr. Do not flag them as Art/Illustrations, or the import module won't work.
  2. On Flickr, tag your comments. (Or, alternatively, add them to a set.)
  3. On your profile page, add your code.

For a gallery of all your Three on the Third comics, use this line of code:

[[module FlickrGallery userName="YourFlickrUserName" tags="YourFlickrTag"]]

For a gallery of your most recent set of three (the three displayed will change as you continue to upload comics to Flickr), use this line of code:

[[module FlickrGallery userName="YourFlickrUserName" tags="YourFlickrTag" sort="date-posted-desc" perPage="3" limitPages="1"]]


More settings are shown in the documentation for the Flickr Gallery module: you can build your gallery by Flickr sets instead of tags, change the size of display, and so on.

"Gallery" from Any Other Image Host

If your images aren't hosted at Flickr, making a gallery is not straightforward. Sorry. (Before you make yourself crazy, the [[gallery]] command doesn't work with comics that have to be referenced by off-site URLs. The size="image-size" attribute won't work, either.)

What does work is a table with manually-sized and manually-linked images:

|| [[image URL link="URL" width="100"]] _
|| [[image URL link="URL" height="100"]] _
|| [[image URL link="URL" height ="100"]] ||

  • Wherever it says URL, put in the URL of your comic (i.e.,
  • The doubled vertical bar (||) indicates the edge of a cell.
  • The link="URL" attribute allows someone to click on the comic and see it full-size. The quotation marks are necessary.
  • The height and width attributes resize the comic. You need only one of the two, since the software will automatically maintain comic proportions when it resizes the image. If you use the longest dimension for each of your comics (height on portrait-oriented comics, width on landscape-oriented comics), the comics will look all the same size. That may mean that you will resize some comics by height and some by width, as in the example.
  • The final underscore means "continue this line," and tells the table-builder that all those cells are meant to be on the same row.

We said it wasn't straightforward. :-/

If you'd like to see it made more straightforward, comment here, and maybe Wikidot will add it to the wishlist.

Add a Comments Section

If you'd like to allow blog-style comments on your profile page, add this to the bottom of your page:

[[module Comments]]

If you start getting spam or abusive comments, let an administrator or moderator know, and they can delete the inappropriate comments for you.

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