Joining This Site

Do I have to join?


If you just want to share your comics, you don't have to join — just click "comics" up top and follow the directions there.

How about if I want to do more than post comics?

If you want to add to the "helpful hints," comment on any of the pages, or have your own personal profile page, you'll need a wikidot login. There's a link to get yourself one in the upper right corner.

Will it stay this way in the future?

Maybe. If spam/vandalism becomes a problem, we'll have to ask everyone to get a wikidot login and/or join the site to be able to do anything here. But for now, we're trying it this way.


Moderators need to do more than get themselves a wikidot login; they also need to become officials members of the 3on3rd wiki. If you know the "secret membership password," go for it! We'll bump you up to moderator status when we next log on.

(And, ahem, if in the process of joining you suddenly get a message that you you can't join because you're already a member? That's wikidot's passive-aggressive way of welcoming you to the site. If we could teach it some manners, we would.)

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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